Danny McBride And Steve Little Describe The Unshot ‘Eastbound & Down’ Scene That Was Too Gross For Stevie

Eastbound & Down star — and person you can’t look at without cracking up — Danny McBride sat on Jimmy Kimmel’s couch last night and regaled the host with some outstanding tales from the set of his hit show. The tidbits about guest stars Lindsay Lohan, Marilyn Manson, and Matthew McConaughey are entertaining, but the real gift is a breakdown of the one scene that was actually too depraved for Steve Little (who plays the otherwise shameless Stevie Janowski) to go through with.

McBride kicked off the festivities with a story about injuring himself rollerskating on set (he brought video evidence) and how he milked the mishap to freak out crew members.

Next it was on to explaining Marilyn Manson’s guest spot on Eastbound & Down, and the bizarre circumstances that unfolded in his hotel room after filming.

After a sneak peek at an upcoming episode, things really ramp up when Steve Little joins McBride and Kimmel. Little explains the one scene in the show’s history he refused to shoot — oh, it’s a doozy — before moving on to his fantastically futile attempt to impress Lindsay Lohan.

Little brings it home with his tale of soliciting Matthew McConaughey for tips on bedding the ladies.

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