Everyone Tore Into Bears LB Danny Trevathan After An Illegal Hit Injured Packers Receiver Davante Adams

09.28.17 9 months ago 5 Comments

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A scary moment occurred during Thursday night’s game between Green Bay and Chicago. Packers receiver Davante Adams caught a pass from Aaron Rodgers and looked like he was going to be wrapped up. But instead of going down easily, he put up a fight and tried to gain an extra yard or two.

For some reason, Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan decided to get in on the play. He lowered his helmet and hit Parker’s face mask with the top of his head. It was indisputably an illegal hit, one which left Adams motionless on the field. Here is a video of the hit, with the disclaimer that it’s really hard to watch.

Jim Nantz’s voice as he saw the replay, along with the analysis from Tony Romo that chastised Trevathan, sums up just how ugly this hit was. As you can kind of see in the video, Adams’ mouthguard straight up went flying into the air, and a closer look shows that a tooth might have gone flying, too.

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