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After she earned a surprising berth to the Olympic team by winning the women's 100-meter free (she later withdrew from that event to focus on the 50m in Beijing), swimmer Dara Torres became a flashpoint for discussion, drawing both the suspicion of steroid McCarthyites and the awe of regular folk seeing a 41-year-old mother win a world-class anaerobic sporting event.

Interestingly, her two-year-old daughter Tess didn't arrive in this world without some apparent, umm… trial and error.  Torres had a 16-month marriage to Itzhak Shasha, a Palm Beach surgeon who is 20 years her senior.  After their divorce, Torres remarried and got pregnant — to the fertility doctor who treated Shasha and Torres when they were together.  Yup, that's a burn.

"Believe me, I've achieved many significant things in my life," [Shasha] said, "and none of them was being married to her. I don't want to talk about that marriage, and I don't want to talk about her."

Yeah, if I had a wife with a rock-hard body that I couldn't get pregnant because I was a flaccid old man, I probably wouldn't want to talk about it, either.  Good thing my virility will never wane.  I've got the mythical Cock of Ages.  Line forms to the left, ladies.

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