Darrell Wallace Jr. Takes Practice Very Seriously And Will Punch You In The Face About It

NASCAR driver Darrell Wallace Jr. is in extremely lukewarm water today after assaulting fellow racer Chad Frewaldt following a wreck in Thursday night’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series practice session. In practice? Come on, Darrell Wallace Jr., we talkin’ ’bout practice.

Wallace was trying to pass Frewaldt when the left rear of his truck was clipped, sending him spinning into the wall. Wallace handled the situation by getting out of his truck, jogging over to where Frewalt was parked, reaching in through his driver’s side window and repeatedly slapping him in the face.

Three disappointing things about this incident:

1. NASCAR vice president of competition Robin Pemberton said that officials met with Wallace and Frewaldt after the fight but “did not believe any penalties would follow.” Maybe NASCAR events will be set up like NHL games going forward, where you can just brutalize dudes against their will and it’s totally fine.

2. Wallace’s victory at Martinsville last month, the first for an African-American in a NASCAR national series race since Wendell Scott back in 1963, plus this incident of him beating somebody up on the racetrack means do not read the comments section of anything related to him ever again.

3. The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is not just a bunch of RVs driving around in a circle.