Darren Rovell Got Owned By The Salvation Army After He Took A Silly Shot At Them

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During the Cowboys’ 26-20 win against the Buccaneers on Sunday night, Ezekiel Elliott scored a touchdown and jumped into a giant Salvation Army bucket to celebrate. This fun, harmless thing was of course met with a 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration because that’s what the NFL does, although they are being kind enough to not fine him.

Like the Salvation Army or not, Elliott raised their profile on national television in front of a massive audience. If he hadn’t jumped into the pot, you may have just thought that was a big red cookie jar behind the end zone. To drive the point home, the Salvation Army let it be known on social media that you could donate more than your body to the organization.

Look at that. As of now, that’s up to 5,000 retweets, which is great. I guess. It’s Twitter, so who knows what that tweet really does in terms of getting donations. Either way, Elliott helped, the organization itself took advantage of it and this ends a story of great OH MY GOD HERE COMES DARREN ROVELL!

Yes, the person least understanding of nuance and subtlety on the planet wishes the charity wasn’t so obvious when asking for charity. Maybe they should have done one of those bad Rovell tweets like “It’s E-Z to donate to the Salvation Army…” Actually, that’s pretty good.

Fear not, for the Salvation Army clapped back hard, as the kids say.

And Rovell wasn’t very subtle with his meek reply.

The sad part is Rovell isn’t apologizing but instead is heaping validation on the Salvation Army, which in no way is asking for it or wants it. And this all started because Rovell, the worst tweeter, was telling someone else how to tweet. You can’t beat the internet sometimes.

Just remember, though — Rovell still hasn’t answered the tough question after his non-subtle, non-clever tweet of three years ago.

Update: Elliott won’t be fined but he’s still making a donation anyway.