Dave Lamont Will Fight You All

10.28.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

Dave Lamont has been a somewhat popular fixture in South Florida college sports broadcasting, as a talk radio host, play-by-play for ESPN college football action, and calling SEC basketball games, but today he’s a star for his work as the voice of Florida Atlantic University football. And really, when you think South Florida football stars, you always think FAU. Hoot hoot, Owls!

During Saturday’s 37-16 loss to hated rival Arkansas State, FAU’s quarterback Jeff Van Camp slid to avoid a hit, but a hit he would take anyway. According to Lamont’s colorful analysis, the defender laid a helmet-to-helmet shot on the unprotected QB. The refs apparently didn’t think much of the hit, though, and no flag was thrown. I assume that everyone knows how bad the hit was because we were all watching this game, but in case you didn’t watch 1-5 FAU play Arkansas State, you’re going to have to take Dave’s word for it. His incredibly awesome, angry word.

Let’s take you back in time to an instant college sports announcing classic after the jump…

It’s hard to actually tell what’s going on and who is saying what, but it’s still great commentary. Having spent some time in a few college football press boxes before being unceremoniously banned from them, I can tell you what went down during and after Dave’s rant:

1) Dave starts yelling for the Sun Belt commissioner. Sun Belt commissioner, I assume, is unavailable due to prior commitment as Walmart greeter.

2) Dave pounds on glass, screaming almost incoherently. People in adjoining press boxes look at him with condescending glares, as if to say, “What an amateur” as they pocket BBQ sandwiches.

3) Dave screams that he will fight any of the media people staring at him. Reporters look away out of fear that they’d have to run and exert energy. A SID person locks himself in a closet and calls 911. Photographers eat dessert after discovering all the BBQ sandwiches are gone.

(Video via OrsonSwindle)

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