David Arquette Is A Huge Lakers Fan

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11.17.10 7 Comments

The Los Angeles Lakers certainly have no shortage of celebrity fans with the likes of Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Denzel Washington, among many others, filling up their courtside seats. That’s why it’s so amazing that they all put up with “actor” David Arquette sitting courtside, too. Arquette has spent the past six months or so in the midst of a clingy battle with his pop culture relevance, and it all came to a head when the F-list star showed up to Ron Artest’s birthday party at the Conga Room in L.A. and put on a dancing show for the guests. For the first time ever, Artest was not the craziest person in his zip code.
But the fun didn’t start for Arquette at Artest’s party, as the obnoxious and newly single 39-year old first brought his new look and oh-so-hilarious routine to the Lakers game against the Phoenix Suns at the Staples Center. Arquette pranced around the courtside area for all the fans to see, and while I’m not one to put too much stock into superstition, the Lakers lost 121-116. It’s clearly Arquette’s fault.
Tell us about the cause of this bizarre behavior from such a typically lovable guy, Daily Mail:

He’s also bizarrely blamed the break-up of their 11 year marriage on Courtney’s close friendship with her former Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston.
At the screening of new movie The Legend of Hallow Dega last week, a source said: ‘David quipped, “The film was shot in Courteney’s home state of Alabama. Actually, while I was there I came across a town called Anniston [sic]… I should have known that was an omen”.

Haha, oh snap, he showed that heartless ice queen Aniston, who is currently buying a vacation home in Mexico with Cox, so use your imagination. But if you’re worried about Arquette, don’t be. His plate is way too full to keep popping up and acting like this. According to his IMDB, he’s got two whole movies coming out next year. He’ll also be making an appearance on his sister Patricia’s show Medium. Wow, slow down, Dave! Let’s take a tour of Arquette’s classic doucher persona, shall we?

This video actually shows how truly devoted to the craft of acting Arquette is. He clearly doesn’t know the words to the song he’s dancing like an a-hole to, but every so often he moves his mouth like he does. That provides some intensity so you know he’s not just some goofy F-lister who is only relevant because he has some sisters with big cans and he married way out of his league.

Arquette got into a bit of a fight with other Lakers fans during the NBA Finals this year because he claimed he was trying to help security stop them from storming the court. He’s just a legitimate Hollywood angel, even though he got his ass kicked. But he also reveals that he gets his courtside seats by mooching off a friend. That’s just shocking behavior from a guy who has earned everything throughout his career. Do yourself a favor – go rent Never Been Kissed right now. Talent defined.

Arquette! Lopez! It’s a comedy bonanza! When he talks about Pao Gasol doing the Lambada I seriously pissed my pants with laughter. It helps that he follows all of his jokes up with his infectious laugh, too. How does this guy not have his own show on Comedy Central? He could spend a half hour each week telling us about how people thought See Spot Run was worth making.

And from that moment on, World Championship Wrestling took over the world of sports entertainment and never looked back.

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