08.16.07 11 years ago 24 Comments

David Beckham started his first game for the LA Galaxy at home against DC United yesterday, and the Overexposed One — oft-maligned for not playing while recovering from injuries to both ankles — for once did not disappoint, scoring on a free kick in the 27th minute in which he "bent it like a banana."  He also assisted Landon Donovan's breakaway goal in the 47th minute, leading LandyCakes perfectly for what would be the deciding goal in a 2-0 victory in the SuperLiga semifinals.

Fans cheered and women screamed as Beckham prepared to take a 26-yard free kick. After he connected inside the left post, he was mobbed by teammates.

Man, it's just so nice to see a true underdog like David Beckham find success after such a long, hard road.  You don't really expect an under-the-radar guy like him to be adored by both teammates and women, but that just makes it more heartwarming.  Kinda like Rudy, if Rudy were sexy and rich and famous and named captain of the team before he ever played a game for Notre Dame.

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