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Former Chelsea star Graeme La Saux accuses David Beckham of using a homosexual slur in his new autobiography Graeme La Saux: Left Field:

He [La Saux] jumped for the ball in a September 2000 game and caught Beckham's head with his elbow, cutting it, drawing blood and prompting Beckham to call him a "[bleep]ing poof." "That shocked me," says LeSaux, who is straight. "That this was somebody who is obviously not homophobic makes it even more significant. I'm sure it does not cross David's mind to talk like that in, say, Elton John's company, but as a reaction to an incident, I was fair game to be called a 'poof.' "

First, it's funny when one Englishman calls another Englishman gay.  I mean they're all gay, right?  Second, no one would ever call Elton John a 'poof', he's a 'queen'.  Third, I wonder what Beck's thinks of homosexual robots?  Finally, I can't wait to read La Saux's book, except I just remembered, I don't care what soccer players think. -KD

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