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So, emails have been flooding the With Leather inbox about the arrest of Tampa Bay Buccaneer wide receiver David Boston on suspicion of DUI.  I was all like, "Nobody wants to hear about Daryl Boston.  He sucked for the White Sox, and then he sucked slightly less for the Mets.  Plus he last played like 12 years ago."  But then the lovely lady (i.e. 'sporting girl') I entertained (i.e. 'hired') last night said, "That doesn't say Daryl Boston, it says David Boston."  Who says women don't know their sports?  Anyway, here's some highlights from the police report:

Boston, 29, . . . was found passed out at the wheel of a dark red Range Rover . . . police said. "We're assuming he stopped at the red light and passed out," police Capt. Sanfield Forseth said. "He didn't know where he was." The jail affidavit said that Boston had poor balance. It also said he has a tattoo of "Chucky" on the right side of his chest. "He seemed disoriented and confused," the arresting officer, identified as J. McNeil, said in the arrest affidavit. "He had mood swings and seemed evasive."

Having a tattoo depicting the character most closely associated with your head coach seems a little awkward to me.  It's like the time when I was in the Libyan navy, and that guy with the Betty Boop tat insisted that every one of his bunkmates resembled her.  I still feel a little bad about giving that weirdo a "fantail liberty".  But I don't feel bad about all the American cigarettes he "left" me because I bought my way out of navy with them. -KD

(Video of the field sobriety test here, and more analysis at Foul Balls and Deadspin.)

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