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Former NFL receiver David Boston spent much of his career attached to the the adjective "embattled" — up to and including his release from the Buccaneers this fall following his arrest for DUI.  Things haven't gotten much better for Boston recently, as he has now added an arrest for "felony false imprisonment, misdemeanor domestic battery, culpable negligence and resisting an officer without violence."  Sun-Sentinel sez:

According to the [police] report, the dispute began when Renee Boston took her 2-year-old daughter for a short walk. When she was nearing her house, she saw David Boston in his vehicle pulling out of the driveway, leaving their 1-month-old son alone in the house. Police said Renee Boston was locked out, and she could hear their baby crying inside. She called David Boston, who said he was just driving around the block.

When he returned, the couple began to argue. According to police, David Boston became angry and threw a sofa cushion at his wife, hitting her in the face and nearly hitting the baby. When she called 911, he ripped the phone cord from the wall.

Oh, what's the big deal?  The kid's one month old, not a master of disguise jewel thief on the lam or a donut in the pressbox.  I'm pretty sure it's gonna be there when he gets back.  At a month old babies are just useless lumps that produce tears and shit.  They may as well not even have limbs.

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