06.09.09 9 years ago 13 Comments

I was pretty disappointed that with David Carradine’s untimely stanglebation suicide over the weekend (or whatever it was) that there wasn’t more attention given to Carradine’s Ulysses, the dystopic cult classic Death Race 2000. The Transcontinental Road Race was the national sport in the canon of the film, where the drivers ran over pedestrians for points. Carradine’s Mr. Frankenstein, a cyborg that may have been a precursor to George Lucas’ Darth Vader, could allegedly shift gears in 1/20th of a second. And no one had ever seen his face. Except for his navigators. Who are all dead.

Death Race 2000 was released in 1975 and was clearly ahead of its time. The whole film was in pieces on YouTube at one point, but it appears to have been pulled. But you can see Carradine tonight on FOX’s show, Mental, which is probably a terrible show, yet suddenly semi-significant now that Carradine is up in that big Thai whorehouse in the sky

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