David Ortiz’s Game-Winning Home Run Sparked A Heartwarming Video From A Young Child

04.30.16 3 years ago

It may be David Ortiz’s last MLB season, but the Red Sox slugger still has the clutch gene that made him a legend in Boston.

On Friday night, Ortiz hit a two-run home run in the eighth inning that would plate the game-winning runs for the Sox in their first matchup against the rivaled Yankees in 2016.

On hand to enjoy the comeback win was former first baseman Kevin Millar, who was an integral part of Boston’s curse-snapping World Series title in 2004, and his children. Of course the Millar family got hooked up with great seats right next to the first base dugout, and those kids got a big ol’ hug from a gigantic teddy bear named Big Papi after his go-ahead homer.


But Millar’s kids weren’t the only youngsters who had their night made by Ortiz. Prior to the game, old pals Ortiz and Millar sent out this video message to a fan named Maverick.

After Ortiz delivered on his promise of hitting a home run, Maverick sent a video back to the pair. Millar shared it on his Twitter account and, spoiler alert, it’s pretty much the best.

This is some pretty solid proof that sports can be so much more than just sports sometimes.

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