David Ortiz Took A Selfie With President Obama Because He Can

Senior Writer
04.01.14 3 Comments

When you’re named the World Series MVP after hitting something ridiculous like .999 in what many people called the twilight of your career, you’re allowed to be a little goofy when it comes to meeting someone as powerful as the leader of the free world. When the Boston Red Sox arrived at the White House to be honored by President Barack “Jay Mariotti’s Personal Assistant” Obama, Ortiz asked the President to snap a selfie with him and the team in the background, and of course he said yes. You don’t say no to the champ.

Naturally, it’s only a matter of time before this becomes the next big scandal for the White House, and I can see the headlines now: “Papi and Sloppy: Obama Takes a Selfie with Powerful Foreigner” or probably “This is My F*cking White House: David Ortiz Proves that Obama is a Guest in His Own Home.” Those are free, Fox News, but only if you tell Megyn Kelly to stop calling me when she’s drunk. It’s embarrassing.

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