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I don't talk about the Seattle Sonics much in this forum, partly because I take Clay Bennett's hijacking of the team to Oklahoma City too personally to laugh about it, but mostly because the situation's too complex to boil down in pithy little blog posts.  There are simply too many factors — from the Seattle taxpayers' history of building stadiums, to the maze of lies, villainy, and cowardice that will send the team to the Dust Bowl — to wrap it up with a nice dick joke.

Nevertheless, I still need to post videos like this one from a decade ago, where NBA commissioner David Stern says how amazing the newly renovated KeyArena is, and how proud the people of Seattle should be of it.  That sentiment differs slightly from his viewpoint today, which is that KeyArena is unsuitable for an NBA franchise that happens to be owned by his close personal friend who wants to move the team to a backwater market.

Seriously, I wouldn't cross the street to piss on David Stern if he were on fire.  Although I'd probably cross the street to get a better look, and to keep other people from dousing the flames.  Cocksucker.

[Buzzer Beater / Supersonicsoul via SbB]

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