Here’s Proof That Texas A&M’s Daylon Mack Is An Absolute Destroyer Of Backfields

They don’t call him the Mack Truck for no reason.

Daylon Mack showcased his incredible force on the defensive line Saturday as his Texas A&M Aggies took on Nevada in College Station. During a second half red zone option play, Mack burst into the Nevada backfield and absolutely blew up the Wolfpack running back. Mack took out the halfback with such force that it also simultaneously took the quarterback out of the play, ruining any chance of the option call being effective. If there was a third player back there, I’m pretty sure Mack would’ve been able to take that guy out too.

Mack is still a true freshman, but that doesn’t mean you should take him lightly. I’m no football coach, but I’d say any man who can take out two players at once is worth blocking.

Honestly, we should have seen this coming. Anyone who followed Mack through the recruiting process knew he was capable of getting into the backfield and blowing plays up.

Texas A&M fans have to be happy with Mack and fellow defensive terror Myles Garrett, although opponents might be having some nightmares about having to face guys like that for the next couple seasons.