Dayton's President Celebrated The Flyers' Win By Crowdsurfing, Before The Riot Police Arrived

The gentleman on the sign above is University of Dayton President Daniel Curran, as Dayton Flyers fans were apparently using his likeness to inspire fear in the hearts of the Alabama Crimson Tide players during a game several years ago. On Saturday, though, Dayton fans got the chance to literally wave their school’s leader around in the air, because he took to the streets to celebrate with them after the Flyers’ incredible 55-53 upset victory over the No. 3 Syracuse Orange, advancing Dayton to the Sweet 16 for the first time since 1984.

Curran was hoisted up by students for a quick crowdsurfing session in what I am describing as the proper way for college kids to celebrate their basketball team winning a game. It’s important to emphasize the “proper way” because things are about to go south real quick. But first, let’s all appreciate Curran showing his excitement over the big win.

Obviously, Dayton fans were incredibly pumped. The celebrations ranged from simple and stereotypical, as the bros at the local sports bar high-fived and down Jager bombs to celebrate their teams radical win, bro…

… to students and fans spilling out into the streets for one hell of a block party that lasted into the wee hours of Sunday until Jizzy Pete, Boner and Black Steve eventually woke up in a puddle of someone’s vomit on the front lawn of the ADPi house. Whose puke is it? Who cares, bro!

Everything still seems to be going fine, as the worst violations might be some underage drinking and a bunch of jerks doing the “Seven Nation Army” chant, which might be my least favorite thing in the history of sports. But because this was a sports celebration, things eventually got stupid, and the tear gas allegedly started flying.

Shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday, police in riot gear marched down Kiefaber Street and ordered students to leave the streets and return to their porches and homes. The order came after several students were seen throwing glass beer bottles. One student was treated by medics for a minor head injury. At least one arrest was made for disorderly conduct. Other students were seen standing on cars and were told to get down by officers. A group of students told one of our reporters on the scene that officers threatened them with arrest and bodily harm (night sticks and tasers) if they didn’t go inside.

Brad Kelley, 19, a junior at the University of Dayton who lives at 440 Keifaber, said police used tear gas on people while he was on his front porch. We could not confirm with police if tear gas or pepper spray was used to disperse crowds. (Via the Dayton Daily News)

Here’s the thing – you know if tear gas was used. Hell, you know if pepper spray was used. So if Brad Kelley said that while rubbing his bloodshot eyes that have clearly been crying for hours, he’s probably right. Otherwise, let’s not go invoking Big Brother status just yet. Also, it’s not like the Flyers won the National Championship, so let’s leave your fellow students’ poor cars alone, kids. Nobody gives a rat’s ass about a basketball game when they can’t get to work because their car is on its roof.