DC Nixes JFK (Again?)

If you’re familiar with the president races at Washington Nationals games–those little mid-inning spectacles where mascots shaped as presidents run around the outfield–you probably already heard about the appearance of a John F. Kennedy-inspired mascot, who kneecapped the George Washington mascot two nights ago. But those excited about the prospect of a fifth racing president (yes, both of you), I have some bad news:

“JFK will not be joining the Mount Rushmore Four as the fifth Racing President.”

–via DC Sports Bog.

That’s from a Nats rep who obviously doesn’t know that Thomas Jefferson isn’t on Mount Rushmore. Wait, he is? Since when? I guess he just snuck in there when we weren’t looking. I’d expect nothing less from a guy who had so many dealings with the French.

Img via Let Teddy Win.