Brandon Knight’s Career Will Never Be The Same Thanks To DeAndre Jordan

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03.11.13 6 Comments

By now you’ve probably seen it, DeAndre Jordan’s life-altering dunk on Brandon Knight in last night’s ridiculous 129-97 Los Angeles Clippers victory over the Detroit Pistons. Blake Griffin has called it the “Dunk of the Year” and Twitter instantly turned it into the 2013 version of the Dominique Wilkins poster I once had hanging in my bedroom as a kid. Poor Brandon Knight, just minding his own business as he traveled into the paint against one of the NBA’s most aggressive dunkers. Knight can go ahead and take a seat next to John Lucas now, because his career won’t ever be the same.

That’s not hyperbole. Dunks like this change lives, because no matter how well Knight performs the rest of this season or every season beyond until he retires, we’re always going to hear his name and laugh – “You mean the guy that DeAndre Jordan killed?” As fast as we move from meme to meme and GIF to GIF in this Internet era, we never forget. Just like Manny Pacquiao before him, Brandon Knight was dragged through the streets of Meme City last night after that “Just another day at the office” dunk by Jordan.

Of course people went with the standards, like Simba:

And the more creative chalk outline on the court:

Even Braylon Edwards got in on the fun. Braylon Edwards!

But it would be great if we could evolve past those that have already been done and keep our memes fresh. Fortunately, more ambitious pranksters took the fun over to Jordan’s and Knight’s Wikipedia pages to declare the latter gentleman DOA, F’d in the A and any other random letter sequences you’d like to think of.

Above all else, this monster jam gave us my favorite GIF of the year so far in the Lil Clipper Bros, who are like the Laker Bros and Heat Bros, but still young and innocent. They’ve yet to put on their first pairs of white sunglasses, and I like to hope that they never will.

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