Deanna Favre Has Gotta Have Faith

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10.21.10 5 Comments

Deanna Favre, wife of Minnesota Vikings quarterback and amateur photographer Brett Favre, went on Good Morning America yesterday to discuss a book she just wrote with pastor Shane Stanford, entitled “The Cure for the Chronic Life: Overcoming the Hopelessness That Holds You Back.” Clearly, all of us at With Leather have already added that to our book list behind “Chicken Soup for the Fart Joke Soul” so I’m assuming everyone is cool if we just overlook the book details and get right down to the juicy part of the interview – Brett’s misconduct.

GMA’s Robin Roberts is all like, “Yo Deanna Favre, did your husband really text pictures of his old, wrinkly dong to a butterface that was working for the New York Jets?” And if you’re wondering if Deanna put Robin in her place, well… girlfriend, you know she did:

“Obviously, I’m a woman of faith, and faith has gotten me through many difficult struggles and it will get me through this one. I’m handling this through faith.”

OH SNAP, SON! Those are like chained heat prison fighting words right there. Deanna is, of course, referring to her battle with breast cancer, so I have to imagine that if faith helped her through such a terrible ordeal that she only needs a teaspoon of faith to help get her through something like her pervert husband sending a photo of his Papa Smurf to Jenn Sterger. Well, that and the knowledge that she now controls all of Brett’s money. That probably helps, too.

Video of her electrifying interview after the jump.

This interview is pretty boring, but I found a lot of humor in watching Roberts try to turn this into something more than a book promo, which is what it was initially scheduled to be, since it was organized before Favre was set to meet with the NFL to discuss his misconduct earlier this week. It also helps if you watch the interview and imagine Brett standing behind the camera with his cell phone while he texts Hannah Storm: “O Baby U make me 2 hard, LOL 8===>”

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