Dee Ford Heartbreakingly Asked If He Lined Up Offside On The Sideline After His Pivotal Penalty

01.23.19 6 months ago

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The NFL got two exciting overtime games on Championship Weekend, with the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams prevailing in sudden death overtime thrillers that drew rave reviews and huge ratings. It also had both of those games marred by considerably controversial officiating decisions, with Saints fans up in arms about a missed pass interference call and Chiefs fans feeling like officials gave the Patriots a break on a play that could have swung the game.

On a play where Tom Brady was ultimately intercepted, Chiefs defensive lineman Dee Ford was flagged for an offside penalty. Replays showed that he actually lined up offside, which is why the pre-snap penalty let the play happen anyway.

The penalty gave the Patriots the ball back, but Ford legitimately didn’t know if he was offside on the play. Video that surfaced on Tuesday revealed that Ford went back to the sideline and had to ask others there if he was really offside.

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