There Are People Who Think Tom Brady Might Still Get Suspended This Year

tom brady
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When judge Richard Berman overturned Roger Goodell’s suspension of Tom Brady for… something involving footballs — honestly, who remembers? — most of us figured it would be the last real news we’d hear about Deflategate for the season. After all, even though the NFL said it would continue to fight the decision in court, a federal appeal is a lengthy process. Surely we can just forget about this whole ordeal for just a little bit and let the actual games grab some headlines, ri-BAH GAWD THAT’S “ANONYMOUS NFL SOURCE”‘S MUSIC!

Via CBS, here’s the new “news”:

On Friday’s “Boomer and Carton” program, WFAN host Craig Carton said that he was with a “very influential person in the NFL” on Thursday. Carton said the person told him “there’s no doubt in his mind” that Brady will serve a four-game suspension this season after the NFL’s appeal is heard.

If you’re wondering how legitimate this claim is, anybody with any knowledge of how this process works would like to tell you: LOL nope.



Even Carton’s co-host, Boomer Esiason, doubted the veracity of the source’s claim immediately after Carton brought it up:

“I don’t buy it,” Esiason added. “I know they want to expedite an appeal, but there’s so many other things on the docket at these courts. Is this really that important to somebody? I know it’s important to the NFL.”

The NFL has consistently enlisted the media in clumsy attempts to forward their agenda in the public eye. By now, only the most willfully ignorant of NFL supporters is willing to take these leaked bits of nonsense as anything better than wishful thinking or delusion from the NFL. Carton may well have a highly-placed sourced in the NFL, but that source is singing the same fantastical song that Goodell’s been playing this whole time. By now, nearly everyone is ready to stop listening.

(Via Larry Brown Sports and CBS New York)