An NFL Network Analyst Called The Deflategate Investigation A ‘Witch Hunt’

New England Patriots Vs. Green Bay Packers At Lambeau Field
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After six agonizing months of Deflategate coverage, there are fewer places for Roger Goodell to hide. The narrative has turned on Goodell, as more and more information arises about the illegitimacy of the Deflategate investigation. Painting the Patriots as cheaters in the public eye is a rather simple task since Spygate happened in 2007. However, Goodell somehow managed to paint a self portrait that looks worse than Tom Brady’s courtroom sketch.

Goodell’s latest critic is Heath Evans, who works for the league-owned NFL Network. Evans spoke about the hypocrisies in the Deflategate investigation on The DA Show on CBS Sports Radio:

“I think people that are willing got read and really start tracking everything that the Patriots have released and everything the NFLPA have released. You’re starting to see a completely different side of what’s more or less a witch hunt and maybe a few guys in the league office that had some ill will against the Patriots and leaked out false reports and started a landslide that was just lies and propaganda.”

That’s some really strong rhetoric from Evans. He did play in a Patriots uniform for four years, but Evans appears to have done his research through the Wells report and the other information floating around the investigation. If an NFL Network analyst can use strong rhetoric like this against Goodell, it’s not long before the public gaze shifts from the Patriots wrongdoings to Goodell and the league office.

(CBS Sports Radio; h/t Awful Announcing)