Deion Sanders’ Things Were Found After Saying His Office Was Robbed During Jackson State’s Win (UPDATE)

Deion Sanders’ tenure as Jackson State University’s head football coach got off to a strong start on Sunday when his Tigers picked up a 53-0 win over Edward Waters College in their first game of the FCS spring football season.

However, after the game, Sanders had “mixed emotions” because during the game he once again was the target of a robbery. Sanders sat down for his postgame press conference, saying he was “pissed off” and went on to explain that everything from credit cards to watches was taken from his office and saying that when he talks about raising the standards at Jackson State he wants to see that go for everyone at the university.

It is the second time that Sanders has had something stolen in his less than a year in Jackson, as earlier in the year he had his truck broken into and a boombox with sentimental value was stolen, among other things, that he put out a call for folks to find it and return it to him. It’s an unfortunate situation and certainly put a damper on the day for Sanders, who called getting the game ball from his players a high point in his career as a professional athlete, which given his Hall of Fame career is certainly saying something. Hopefully Sanders can get his belongings back or at least replaced, and moving forward there won’t be anymore incidents.

UPDATE: All of Sanders’ belongings were found in his office and initially, the official word was that the things had been misplaced, but Sanders insists they were stolen and found by an assistant.