08.06.09 9 years ago

Apparently what will happen in Dover will stay in Dover, as the leagues of the four team sports and the NCAA won’t have their federal lawsuit heard before December. I could be spending Thanksgiving in Delaware, putting everything on whoever is playing Detroit that day. No, don’t tell me who it is! You’ll ruin the fun…

In a statement the leagues’ lawyer, Kenneth Nachbar, said: “We continue to oppose more legalized gambling on our games and we are evaluating our options.”

In Delaware, Gov. Jack Markell’s spokesman, Joe Rogalsky, said: “The state is moving forward with its plans to offer a full compliment of sports lottery options by the start of the NFL season Sept. 10. We look forward to a vindication of our position at trial in December.” via.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn what the pro leagues want; it’s more fun to wager money on your favorite team than it is to buy one of those ugly hats that the NFL seems to release every year. And somebody needs to explain to me how their product is hurt by more people becoming interested in the results of your events. And spare me the puritan trash about the one guy who wagers himself into oblivion because he has no self-control and Daddy didn’t love him enough or he has that really cool version of autism where he kicks ass at math and sucks at everything else. Besides, nothing would make me happier than to see the NFL, NBA, and NCAA not get their way for once. Those are the bastards that need to work on self-control issues.

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