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In a time where everyone’s trying to legalize gay marriage, the great state of Delaware is working to give rights to the everyman–specifically, legalizing sports gambling.

A reworked sports betting bill passed the Delaware House of Representatives early Friday, greatly improving the odds that the First State will become the only state east of the Mississippi to allow legal gambling on sporting events.

Under the new proposal, the racetrack/casinos will eventually be allowed to conduct table games — currently, only slot machines and other electronic gaming are allowed — and will see a larger share of sports betting revenues than what was initially proposed.

This thing will be totally above board until they start having the NBA All-Star game in Delaware. Delaware is only one of four states permitted by federal law to establish legal sports betting. Illegal sports betting, however, is legal in all the other states. But really, going to jail for gambling and taking a trip to Delaware are pretty much the same thing.

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