Delonte West Is A Rapper Now

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08.15.11 2 Comments

While there are so many terrible examples from the past two decades, it should come as absolutely no surprise that a professional basketball player hasn’t learned that we don’t want to hear him rap. Next on the long list of NBA players turned terrible rappers is Delonte West, who is most famous for fighting his teammates, possibly sleeping with LeBron James’ mom, and absolutely nothing beyond that.
West’s debut album is aptly titled, “Lockout” and his first single is “Livin’ Life Fast.” I assume it’s about driving fast cars and talking so that people can’t understand you. Maybe it will unlock the mystery of West’s lip and why it looks like he’s constantly having an allergic reaction to cranberry juice. See for yourself after the jump, and don’t hate me for this.

Here’s the video for “Livin’ Life Fast.” I don’t know much about making a rap video, but if your intro is going to last 2 minutes, at least make it entertaining. And shouldn’t a rapper – especially one who is a NBA player – be a little more of a baller? I mean, the word is derived from NBA slang. At least if they’re going to be playing video games like a couple teenage nerds, they could have Vida Guerra shaking her ass all over the place.

This is the promotional video for his album, “Lockout.” I don’t understand a word he says in the beginning. Again, though, I don’t know much about rap music, but couldn’t West at least dress better? The sleeveless shirt look screams, “I just got done boning a Pi Phi and now I’m going to play intramural basketball,” as opposed to, “I’ve made more than $14 million over my 7-year career.”

Here’s a little freestyle ditty that West set to a Wiz Khalifa freestyle. Except it’s not really a freestyle because he is reading the lyrics from his phone. Pure baller.

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