Demi Lovato Is Training In MMA And May Already Be A Better Striker Than CM Punk

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10.11.16 13 Comments

When Jay Glazer claimed Demi Lovato could throw elbows better than most UFC fighters at his gym, the collected MMA-sphere groaned and rolled their eyes. Here’s another celebrity getting puffed up by their expensive coach. Can everyone just be realistic here? C’mon? C’mon!

Then, a few thinking emojis later, we come to realize that CM Punk was once in the UFC, and Jay Glazer might be right about his student. What a strange and confusing time to be a fight fan.

So Demi Lovato, “Cool for the Summer” singer and formerly of Disney, is raining down hellbows on training dummies and throwing arm punches with bad intentions. She’s probably just training to stay in shape, but has caught the MMA bug like so many people that never got punched in the face before them. But, unlike Demi, at least CM Punk and Herschel Walker were in contact sports to begin with. Could she really hang?

Perhaps we must look to the lyrics of her song “Lightweight” for an answer:

I’m a lightweight easy to fall easy to break
With every move my whole world shakes
Keep me from falling apart

This was not the answer we were looking for, and the UFC doesn’t even have a women’s lightweight division.

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