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Denny Green’s most prominent failure as a head coach, you know, despite not taking any of those talented Vikings teams to the Super Bowl, has to be the Monday Night game in 2006 when his Cardinals blew a 20-point lead over the then-undefeated Chicago Bears. That post-game press conference from Green has rightfully taken its place among the greatest sound- and video-bites in all of sport, reaching its hilarious climax with the phrase, “They are who we thought they were!” And Green is doing everything he can to earn a little coin for the noteriety.

Green is cashing in thanks to trademarking the phrase, selling items and for another year and having his lines in Coors Light commercials. Interesting side note before I run this thing. I noticed Green was also selling a “We Let Them Off The Hook” hat as part of his merchandise line. This was the last bit of the rant. Well, Coach Green, it turns out, has trademarked that phrase too.

The merch is for sale at, and they make a perfect give for that choke artist friend or lover of yours. Relive the magic of the moment with the press conference video after the jump.

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