Denver Aflutter Over Tebow’s Debut

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05.17.10 11 Comments

It can’t be fun to be named Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn these days, as the city of Denver has already embraced rookie quarterback Tim Tebow as their Chosen One before he’s even taken a snap with the team’s veteran players. The Florida Gator legend will get to run plays with the entire Denver roster this week after previously only participating in rookie minicamp. Josh McDaniels’ Draft Day crush says he’s excited about his first practice, and he really hopes the team loves the macaroons his mommy baked for them.

Tebow will, of course, be competing with Orton as the incumbent QB, while Cleveland Browns castoff and male crotch enthusiast Brady Quinn will also look to start anew in Denver. But the pressure’s on the latter two, seeing as Broncos fans voted for Tebow’s nickname to be The Mile-High Messiah and made his No. 15 jersey the highest selling NFL gear last month.

Preach to the congregation,

That’s the Tebow phenomenon — the wholesome, religious, squeaky-clean package. It’s why companies are attracted to him, why people want his jersey. Who wants to walk around in a Ben Roethlisberger or a Michael Vick jersey these days? Even Tiger Woods isn’t a safe endorsement.

But Tebow?

“It’s very humbling that people want to wear my jersey,” Tebow said. “It’s a blessing that people want to support me.”

Yes, it’s a real blessing that Broncos fans are picking Tebow’s jersey over the alternatives. Poor Matt Prater. When will Denver finally show him the love he deserves? The jersey sales and admittedly sweet nickname are only the tip of Tebow’s iceberg, though. According to his dad agent, Tebow has been offered and turned down several product endorsements offering seven figure paychecks. And if you’re to believe Percy Harvin’s comments earlier this year, Tim also turned down advances from Erin Andrews.

The Broncos remain confident that their eyebrow-raising first round pick will be a success not only as a role model for the team and the community, but also as the franchise QB of the future. How could he not, throwing to an elite receiver like Brandon Marshall Eddie Royal and a rising star tight end like Tony Scheffler Daniel Graham? John Elway even sent Tim a text message wishing him good luck as a Bronco, which is significantly better than the box of dead kittens he once sent Jay Cutler.

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