Broncos Fan Spends $21k On Tickets, Hasn’t Told His Wife, Does Interview On TV

A devoted Denver Broncos fan named Justin Kerrigan pretty much kissed domestic bliss goodbye. He sprang for Super Bowl 50 tickets for himself and three buddies like it was no big thing. (Man, his wife will be upset when she hears about this.) As Kerrigan stepped off the airplane on the way to Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium, he encountered a friendly news reporter. Kerrigan, who was fully decked out in a Broncos jersey, told the camera everything.

Kerrigan dropped $21,000 on the insanely expensive tickets. He reckons that adding in travel costs brings the total to — ohhhh — $30,000 or so. Never mind that his pals didn’t pony up for their tickets, and maybe this guy is rolling in dough, but this was one huuuuge mistake, pal. Anyone would be mighty angry to learn that their significant other dropped that much money without a mention. Kerrigan’s wife may not catch this broadcast, but someone will show it to her. At this point, she may fire off a few texts. This will either ruin Kerrigan’s weekend, or he won’t answer.

Dude will live the dream for a weekend unless the Broncos lose (which he says won’t happen). On Monday, that bliss will come crashing down. Dude just signed his own divorce papers.

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