Rocky, The Denver Nuggets New Mascot, Had A Pretty Rough Debut

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11.04.13 6 Comments

The Denver Nuggets made their home debut for the 2013-14 season on Friday night against the Portland Trail Blazers, and right from the very beginning, things simply weren’t in their favor. The Nuggets’ mascot, Rocky, was to descend from the rafters for the team’s introduction – something that so many sports mascots have done so many times before – but the unnamed person inside of the costume apparently became dizzy as he was being lowered, which made Rocky look like a limp, empty suit while the announcer tried to pump up the crowd.

Obviously, any of us that have watched pro wrestling since the late 90s knows just how scary of a scene this could have actually been, but fortunately the person inside the Rocky suit was fine after this awkward-then-scary-then-humorous incident.

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