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Our old friend Martin Strel finally completed his 3,375 mile aquatic journey of the Amazon River yesterday.  Let's check out the final entry of his Swimmer's Diary to see how he's doing:

Many times I talked to myself and to the river. I said: "I am a good man with a good intention. I've been talking with the Amazon river for 66 days now. The animals have been swimming with me for weeks, I think Nature allowed me to do this."

Um, OK.  How are you feeling Marty?

Physically, I have sores and pains in my whole body. I still have problems with my head, it feels like a bomb about to explode, I do not have a temperature but if feels like there is a big pressure – like fire in my head – I need to cool down a little bit.  My arms and legs feel as if I am carrying a big iron bar, they feel very heavy. I have problems eating, to move a spoon or fork, or to drink, I have problems to dress.

You're preaching to the choir man, I have those same symptoms every morning.  Dr. KD's prescription calls for a few "eye-openers", and you'll feel as right as rain.  Stick with something eighty proof or under or else those Amazonian animals may start talking to you again. 

Someone asked me yesterday if I would swim on the Nile now, but even if it is longer, for me it is not a matter of swimming another 100km. The Nile is not as mighty as the Amazon.

Translation: "Leave me the fuck alone, I'm so very tired."  Seriously Marty, let me know who asked you that because I'll kick his ass for you.  You may be an unbalanced fellow, but your success gives me hope that the lovely Amanda Beard may one day consent to give me a private butterfly lesson. -KD

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