Don’t Eat Before Looking At Derek Carr’s Disgusting Finger Injury

We see thousands of snaps in the NFL every year. Rarely, if ever, does the snap itself end with a quarterback getting injured.

That happened on Sunday, when Raiders QB Derek Carr dislocated his pinkie on an otherwise routine snap during the team’s game against Carolina. It happened in the third quarter, and it is understandably gross.

It looked like the ball hit the side of Carr’s hand, which messed his finger up. His hand then slid up and the injured pinkie hit the center’s leg, which probably didn’t help at all.

Carr had to come out of the game but only missed one possession. Credit to him for coming back in and toughing it out, because suffering a dislocated pinkie on your throwing finger seems like one of the worst things that can happen to a quarterback. Here’s a still of the injury.

When your fist is pointing right and your pinkie is facing straight, you know that something’s wrong.