Derek Jeter Finally Addressed The Gift Basket Rumor That’s Been Floating Around For Years

There are a number of rumors about the personal life of former New York Yankee Derek Jeter. The “Yeah, Jeets!” story is a personal favorite, but one of the more infamous came a few years ago and involved gift baskets. Complex magazine explains, but in short, Jeter would give his lady friends a parting gift on their way out the door following a night of [EDITED: board games and pizza]:

For a long time, Jeter’s relationships with various high-profile women were a constant source of fodder for the New York City tabloids. And you could argue that the most explosive report tied to DJ’s love life came back in December 2011 when the New York Post put out a story indicating that the Yankees shortstop had made a habit out of handing out gift baskets filled with his own memorabilia to his one-night stands. The report was so crazy that most people thought there was no way it couldn’t be true.

I mean, at least he’s thoughtful?

But Jeter, who is engaged to model Hannah Davis, put the rumor to bed, so to speak, with Fox broadcaster Joe Buck. “It’s a dumb story and you’d have to be dumber to believe it,” Jeter said.

So there you have it. Jeter’s on the record saying the story is dumb. That doesn’t mean you have to believe him. In fact, it’s more fun if you don’t.

(Via Complex)