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It took the New York Yankees nine years to win another World Series title, but if you listen to all the whiny little bloggers out there, you’d think that they’d bought every title of the millennium. They didn’t even make the playoffs last year! But Josh, all they do is spend money to get the best players! You mean they’re actually TRYING TO FIELD THE BEST TEAM THEY CAN with their available resources? Those sons of bitches! Why can’t they half-ass it like the Pittsburgh Pirates! THERE’S an organization that acquires personnel the right way!

Anyway, I don’t like the Yankees, but they don’t annoy me the same way the Yankee haters do. And those people were at it again after Derek Jeter was awarded his fourth Gold Glove yesterday. Questions of Jeter’s range have become commonplace of late, but he had only 8 errors (fewest of all AL shortstops). Plus he smells really nice.

What Jeter boasts, however, is aura. He walks it. He exudes it. More than any professional athlete I’ve ever seen or covered. He has [Michael] Jordan’s regal texture, but without the insufferable arrogance. He has Tiger Woods’ audience, but does more with it. He’s quick with a smile, a laugh, a kind word. [H]ow can’t you appreciate the man? –Jeff Pearlman.

Gold Gloves apparently are for regal texture now. Makes sense, I suppose. Are we sure the Steinbrenners didn’t buy him that Gold Glove? Rumor has it that they can be a little loose with the purse strings.

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