Derek Jeter’s New Gatorade Commercial Is The Least Obnoxious Thing From The Derek Jeter Farewell Tour

Listen, Derek Jeter’s farewell tour has been obnoxious this year. I think we all know that. I think we’re all very sick of announcers having on-air orgasms while discussing his career. “He’s played the game the right way” and BAM, splooge all over your screen.

We reached PEAK JETER at the All-Star game when Adam Wainwright threw him a meatball over the plate. A pitch a AA player could’ve knocked to Venus. And the farewell gifts at every ballpark? Don’t get me started.

All that being said, the guy’s had a pretty darn good career. And given all the off-field garbage lately, it’s nice to see a guy not be a dipshit for once. So yeah, I watched this Derek Jeter commercial and I liked it. I’m going to take a shower now.