A Broncos Player Allegedly Told Tom Brady He Was Going To ‘Eat His Kids’

San Diego Chargers v Denver Broncos
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Who knew Mike Tyson’s vernacular tree would have such far-reaching branches?

Apparently, Denver Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe told Tom Brady — presumably during the AFC Championship Game — he would “eat his kids.” Wolfe’s teammate, safety T.J. Ward, appeared on Highly Questionable this week and host Dan Le Batard is the best when it comes to prying information from guests.

During an otherwise low-key interview, Ward was asked about the two scariest players on his team. Cornerback Aqib Talib is one and Wolfe is the other. When asked why Wolfe is so feared, Ward said the defensive end is known for saying some “highly questionable” stuff.

“He hit someone with the Mike Tyson. He told somebody he was going to eat their kids,” Ward said at about four minutes into the interview. “I think it was Tom Brady. I think he told Brady that.”

Promising to consume one’s children (allegedly) would certainly fall in line with “highly questionable.”

It should be noted this statement hasn’t been verified by Brady or Wolfe, so who knows if it’s true. This is the stuff of football urban legends. Then again, those are usually the best football stories. Parab mics can’t pick up everything (though it’s awesome when they do) and “mic’d up” segments are G-rated. The trash talk players (and sometimes coaches) exchange with one another on the field is some truly explicit stuff. It shouldn’t surprise anyone a Tyson threat made an appearance. Allegedly.

(Via the Boston Globe)