Oh No, Derrick Henry Is Throwing For Touchdowns Now

The best running back in the NFL is adding a new dimension to his game. Derrick Henry and the Tennessee Titans, fresh off of a huge win on Monday Night Football against the Buffalo Bills, played host to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday afternoon. It didn’t take long before they found themselves up thanks to Henry, although he managed to be responsible for points in a way that is a little unusual.

Tennessee opted to go Wildcat on first-and-goal from the 5-yard line, which usually means the team is removing a step and just letting Henry take the ball and mow through a defense. But this time, he did something a little different: After making it look like he was going to attempt to barrel through the Chiefs’ defense, Henry stopped and lobbed the ball to MyCole Pruitt in the back of the end zone for six.

It was a bit of a tough throw because Henry was right in the mixer, but after his three previous passing attempts all failed to generate points — he went 2-for-3 with 14 yards in 2018 and has not attempted a pass since — this one found the end zone. Although if we may quibble, Henry had someone even more open in the top corner of the end zone. Gotta clean that up if you’re gonna make it as a passer and not just be perhaps the best back of your generation, Derrick.