DeSean Jackson Reportedly Went Toe-To-Toe With A Blocking Sled At Practice And Lost

On Thursday morning, Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson went down after reportedly colliding with a blocking sled after making a catch. Several reporters at practice said conditions were slippery and may have contributed to the injury.

And unfortunately things get worse from there. SportsCenter reports a grade 2 sprain of Jackson’s right shoulder. He is out for two weeks.

ESPN’s John Keim:

“I heard the buzz after he went down, because I was on a different side of the field. And I was told he’ll likely miss a couple of weeks, they’re still trying to do some evaluating of the injury. He was down on the ground, he hit his shoulder, then hit the ground after a catch. Then he was able to get up after a couple of minutes and walk – you could see him grimacing. He had not talked about it, we did see him after practice and he looked like he was in good spirits.”

On the conditions of the field:

“It’s a little slick. It rained overnight. We haven’t gotten a lot of rain here in Richmond since camp. It looked like there were some slick spots.”

So that’s pretty awful.