04.07.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

We all know Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson spikes it on the one, but did you know he’s also jammin’ on the one? (Pete the Punchline Explaining Robot says: DeSean Jackson once prematurely spiked a football on the 1-yard line and to “jam it on the one” is to be a musically inclined Theo Huxtable.)

Me being super white notwithstanding, DeSean is taking a break from not making sense on Twitter to embark on a rap career. Going by the name Jack, he makes his debut with a freestyle on the track “Let’s Do It”. HARF HARF, BUT REALLY, LET’S NOT! His verse begins at the 1:18 mark.

Terrible rap careers are usually the providence of basketball players, but Deion Sanders already blazed a trail for football players making forays into excruciating music careers. But maybe that was the baseball half of Deion being represented. I guess we’ll never know. Oh, he was a complicated artist, that one.

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