DeShawn Stevenson Has An ATM In His Kitchen

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05.30.12 5 Comments

Last night, my buddy Andy Vasquez, New Jersey Brooklyn Nets beat writer for The Record, Tweeted the above picture from DeShawn Stevenson’s Instrgram account and yep, he has an ATM in his freaking kitchen. Once Darren Rovell eventually confirmed it, the Interwebs and Twitter had its fun with Stevenson’s accessory, and the Nets guard responded to the strange claims that he might be going broke:

Mediatakout said Imma be Broke umm No! Please it’s a 5 dollar charge!!

So there you have it – not only does Stevenson have an ATM in his kitchen, but he charges people $5 to use it. Now I’m no big city banker type with a monocle and a cane that I twirl as people bundle their money into big burlap sacks with dollar signs on them, but I do know a thing or two about the signs that someone is hosting cash gambling games in his home.

I’m pretty sure an ATM is a great indicator of that, otherwise Stevenson must have friends who are incredibly forgetful, like, “Oh no, I forgot to pay that parking fine and they only take cash and I have just five minutes to get there before they close… wait, your ATM!” Then again, I am light years behind on baller wealth, so who knows?

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