Despite All The Controversy And Off-Field Issues, Everyone’s Still Watching The NFL

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09.23.14 8 Comments

The NFL took a huge PR hit in the last month with their mishandling of the Ray Rice domestic abuse case. They also took a huge hit from sponsors when Adrian Peterson was indicted for child abuse. Despite all that, despite all the nonsense from Roger Goodell and the Baltimore Ravens, the NFL is still killing it in the ratings.

According to Forbes, “ratings were up overall from the same week in 2013.” This isn’t all that shocking, at least to someone who doesn’t live on the east coast. You see, most Americans don’t give a sh*t about the morals of the people providing them entertainment. If that was the case, then the Kardashians would be broke as hell, giving handjobs for dollars in a back alley somewhere. Instead we’re left with the Patriots (a team that maybe knew about Aaron Hernandez’s shenanigans) having the highest Week 3 ratings in franchise history.

Again, no one cares that you employ thugs, thieves and murderers as long as they can grab a beer and laugh with their buddies during a game. Is that sad? Eh, I’m not judging. There are plenty of awful corporations out there and we continue to support them, we continue to buy their products. So yeah, that’s not any better people.

Think about that the next time you want to boycott an NFL game.


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