Destruction of LeBron Mural Signals Dawn of Delonte

07.12.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

Now that LeBron’s turned his back on the city of Cleveland like so many of its citizens wish they could do as well, the long and arduous process of wiping the city clean of all traces of LeBron’s reign has begun (to the relief of all of those apartment owners who had to look at the back of LeBron’s head for all these years) with the tearing down of that gigantic Nike basketball Jesus mural.

Workers began dismantling the 10-story-tall iconic image of James on a mural in downtown Cleveland on Saturday. The billboard has dominated the city’s skyline for years but is being removed after the superstar announced he was leaving the Cavaliers for the Miami Heat.

As strips of the image of James, his arms outstretched and head thrown back after doing his pregame powder toss, began coming off, pedestrians stopped on Ontario Street to take photos and cars pulled to the side for one last look at No. 23, who has gone from being a hometown hero to villain.

After James announced his decision to leave Cleveland as a free agent Thursday night, some irate Cavs fans feeling betrayed by the Akron native they’ve cheered for since he was a teenager, burned the two-time MVP’s jersey. Others hurled rocks at the mural, which towers over the corners of Ontario and Prospect avenues — a long 3-pointer from Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Cavaliers. -Out of Bounds

As the life and death of that mural’s been synonymous to the relationship Cleveland’s had with LeBron, why not unleash the remains of the giant LeBron to the Cleveland public so they can all gather around it and stomp it to smithereens? It would be a great city bonding experience and it beats what most of them are up to, which is unemployment. “Hey, want to go stomp on LeBron’s gigantic plastic carcass?” “YOU BETCHA!”

With LeBron out of the picture, the beat goes on for a Cavaliers squad that in the blink of an eye went from a team that could be deemed as ‘dominant’ to one that’s ‘hapless’. Why tear down the mural when you can just change it to this?

If I was better at photoshop I’d have changed the ‘witnesses’ to ‘screwed’, but I think you get the picture.

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