The ‘Detective Pikachu’ Event In ‘Pokemon Go’ Is Full Of Characters From The Movie

05.08.19 3 weeks ago



Detective Pikachu will feature Ryan Reynolds giving a voice to the rat Pokemon that shoots thunder out of its cheeks in a live action/CGI mashup that hits theatres later this week. If that’s not something that interests you, well, the rest of this post is probably not your thing either.

The arrival of Detective Pikachu to theaters has brought with it a tie-in event in Pokemon Go, the stubbornly popular mobile gaming app of your dad and probably a lot of your smaller cousins are still obsessed with. The in-game event officially launched on Tuesday, featuring the usual assortment of features: new Pokemon, special events and a chance to snag some cool stuff in the process of promoting the film.

One interesting aspect of this promo is the use of the improved camera feature in the game. If you take a picture with the camera there’s a chance Detective Pikachu — i.e. a Pikachu in a Sherlock Holmes hat — will photobomb you, giving you a chance to catch yet another Pikachu in a different hat.

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