Detroit Pistons Coach Gets Ejected, Detroit Pistons Laugh

During a game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Detroit Pistons coach John Kuester got ejected for arguing a call and yelling a lot. The appropriate response by the players would be…. well, I’m not exactly sure how you should react when your coach screams his way off the court, but I don’t think laughing is the right answer.

Now, obviously this could be similar to a Derek Anderson situation (IT’S NOT FUNNY), but whether the Pistons were laughing at Kuester getting kicked out or not, it’s a very good summation of how Detroit has been this season. Nothing has really gone right for them, players supposedly skipped practice, then they didn’t, Rip Hamilton yelled at Kuester and they’ve been plain bad with a 22-39 record.

Good thing the Red Wings are doing well and sitting in second place in their conference! If you’re from Detroit though, and you don’t like hockey, I guess you could just keep watching this commercial over and over again until baseball starts. How many more days until Miguel Cabrera makes DH stand for “Drunk Hitter”? That would get baseball more fans; make one guy in the lineup drunk and play. I’m on my way to your house right now, Bud Selig.