The Detroit Tigers Put Together An Amazing, Arcade-Inspired Lineup Video To Celebrate Opening Day


Sources have confirmed to UPROXX that today, the 28th of March, is indeed Opening Day for Major League Baseball. And with Opening Day comes all the hope and optimism that a new season brings, along with the opportunity for team’s social media squads to do a little a showing off.

The Detroit Tigers don’t play until later this afternoon, but their digital team may have already won the entire season.

The Tigers Twitter account revealed their opening day lineup for their game against the Toronto Blue Jays with a video remiscent of vintage baseball video games like R.B.I. Baseball or something you’d find in an old arcade from a bygone era. Below the clever caption of “Time to dust off the old cartridge,” the video goes through a team selection page, then creates its lineup by selecting each player from categories like “outfielders” and “infielders,” complete with a pixelated image of each one.

The Tigers aren’t expected to compete in the AL Central as they continue to exist in a strange universe of not quite rebuilding (Miguel Cabrera is still here!) but not quite competing either. In fact, multiple publications have picked the Tigers to finish dead last in the division. Fortunately, their social squad has much higher aspirations.

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