Kentucky’s Devin Booker Perfectly Summed Up The Team’s Destruction Of West Virginia

Daxter Miles, Jr. of West Virginia learned a valuable lesson this week about smack talk. You see, Miles predicted that his Mountaineers would defeat Kentucky and make them “36-1.” Players need to have confidence before games, and as an underdog, you have to believe you’re going to win. Simply put, you need some swagger.

But West Virginia was going up against Kentucky, a team of NBA players. A team where first-round picks ride the pine.

The game was over before it started. Kentucky jumped out to a double digit lead before the second TV timeout and never looked back. When it was all said and done, West Virginia received one of the worst beatings in Sweet 16 history, 78-39.

Naturally, Daxter Miles’ prediction was the source of much internet fodder. Kentucky’s Devin Booker was especially cruel.

Moral of the story: If you’re going to talk smack, don’t do it to a team of NBA mutants.