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Nets point guard Devin Harris is reportedly dating a Dallas bartender/model named Meghan Allen, according to Meghan Allen.  Is it true?  Well, if I can’t believe what The Big Lead reports a nude model said on Howard Stern, then I just don’t know who I can trust any more.  Get ready to read at a third grade level:

Other neat stats: She’s a 34C, and despite the relationship with Harris, she’s going to be on the show Momma’s Boys next week on NBC.

Yes, bra sizes are “neat.”  And being on a television show is a statistic.

Artie (snicker): Do you think he’s cheating on you?

Meghan: No (you can hear her big smile), he loves me, he wouldn’t do that.

This is why I try not to read The Big Lead.  I mean him no harm, and I hate it when I bitch about other websites.  Yet here I am, trying to focus on a story about tits, and all I can think about is how someone who says he can hear people smile writes for a living.

Anyway.  More pictures here**huffs entire can of paint**

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