Devonta Freeman Lost A Touchdown With This Bizarre Incomplete Pass Ruling

When the Falcons were down 16-12 with under a minute left in the fourth quarter of their game against the Redskins on Sunday, it appeared that Devonta Freeman caught the go-ahead touchdown from his quarterback, Matt Ryan. Freeman reeled in the pass inside the five yard-line, took a few steps and extended the ball across the goal line. Touchdown, right?

Well, according to referees, that was not the case. Freeman lost his handle on the ball well after breaking the plane of the end zone, but referees determined that it was enough to warrant an incomplete pass ruling.  It was a very controversial call, but ultimately it wouldn’t come back to haunt the Falcons, who scored a few moments later.

Just a reminder that none of us understand the NFL’s rulebook as well as we think we do.